Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt

Benefits of the system:

  • Standard and approved rebar anchor bolt system
  • Approved design parameters
  • Fast delivery directly from stocks
  • Certified manufacture
  • A wide range of products inctuding anchors for all purposes
  • Accessories for fast and easy instailation

There are two types of anchors; Long anchors used for inserts and short anchors with head studs used for fastening to foundations, Long anchor bolts transfer the compression and tension forces across the rib dimension of ribbed bars and short anchor bolts transfer them with the combination of head studs and rib bound. In order to assemble the Ermaks Anchor Bolt Reinforcement Anchor System to casting and foundations easily and accurately, Anchor Bolt Installation Templates are provided. Iron Anchor Bolt which is a Steel piece casted into.


Anchor Bolt Reinforcement Anchor Systemis used to anchor the concrete or Steel structures and machinery to concrete base structures. Product range is suitable for high loading conditions. This multi-purpose anchor bolt is widely approved and adopted. Anchor Bolt Reinforcement Anchor Boltstransfer the tension, compression and Shear forces to reinforced concrete oundation structure (for example foundations).