Equipment ıs not transported due to on-site manufacturing.

  • Easy and fast installation.
  • No need for additional special tools.
  • No torque requirement.
  • 2OO9 lnternational Building Code (IBCI) 2009 lnternational Residential Code (IRC) State. Departments of Transportation TS500, TS 708, ISO 15832

It is the connection of steel rebar into the concrete in the reinforced concrete construction. The covering is connected to the ground with anchorage bars (generally steel bars) on regular basis to keep the facade lining in the piles. The anchorage with one bar is made with drilling the ground, laying the steel bars into the hole and injecting the space around the bar (if availabe, by drawing casing pipe) by using 20 – 30 cm auger in diameter, drill or drifter casing pipe if requried.

Anchorages are designed to meet or exceed major international building codes and Department of Transportation requirements including:


High-streth reinforcement threading machines enable flawless thread cutting in every quality of rebar detailed in below table. Mobile equıpment enable on-site processing without the need to carry equipment. Thus, both the cost and time loss resulting fro transportation of equipment is prevented and work is followed much better. 


The injection is applied in the length out of active area. The anchorage bars are fixed to the facade lining. In some situations, the pre-stress is applied to the bars. While the anchorage bars drop by the tensile strength, it is met with frictions around the anchorage bars. To sum up, it is the process of mounting or fixing a block to a more durable and stable place behind it. It is the process of fixing the unstable soll to a more durable part behind it (sometimes to the durable soil behind it, sometimes to the available soil by trusting only the friction of the anchorage or to the reinforced concrete pile which is piled / poured on th back side before) in order to prevent the potential landslide. Presents optimum solutions by carrying out the demanded anchorage threading in-place with high technological mobile equipment sent to your site with no extra rebar logistic cost.