Pre Tension

Pre Tension

Prestressed Anchorage Systems

The self-driliing anchor bolt device (also known as Threaded Hollow Bars) makes your job much easier, as it is capable of performing procedure of drilling, anchoring and injection all at once. There is a hollow interior of the self-drilling anchor bolt, a threaded exterior and a drill bit that is used for drilling. The self -drilling anchor bolt’s hollow interior enables air and water to freely move through the drilling process, flushing the particles. After completion of the drilling process, it also enables immediateinjection. For fractured or hard roc formations as well as uneven ground conditions (such as gravel, soft, clay and non-homogeneous soil), self-drilling anchor bolts present a specific bolting solution

Anchorage Heads

Ermaks Multi-String Prestressed Systems, have been used for years in the construction of bridges, buildings, tanks and many other structures that require engineering reinforcement and support elements. Ermaks provides Desıgn and Development. Engineeting, Production and Supply Installation, Technical Training. Installation Supervision, Inspection or Maintenance services for Prestressing Systems. Ermaks Pre Stressing Systems are known for its superior load bearing performance, durability and simple design. Ermaks Pre Stressing Systems signifircantly contributes to long life of structures by virtue of its high-quality corrosion protection methods. They are used on slopes such as Ermaks Anchor and Pile Systems and related product lines and for geotechnical applications as excavation stabilization in a wide range.

The anchorage cover / head used in the pre-stressing anchorages: this part which works with this head plate enables to transfer the pre-stessing force into the sheathing surface.

Diameter and number of the tendon materials, dimensions of Ioad distribution plate, diameter of anchor head and number of holes, number of anchor grips are calcutated according to the anchor Ioads depending on the project. Ermaks anchor heads are avaliable in all sizes and diameters in our stocks. Anchor heads and grips are designed according to types and number of spiral steel ropes that form the tendon. Threaded grip clamps-grips used to fasten the anchor tendons to head plate.

The diameter and number of tendon material, the size of load distribution plate, the diameter and hole number of anchorage head, the number of anchorage wedges are calculated according to the anchorage loads in accordance with the project. You can supply the anchorage heads in Regbar brand in any height and diameter from our stocks. The anchorage heads and grips are designed according to the type and number of spiral steel ropes which make tendon. The grip clamps-wedges (grip) are used to fix the cover plates of the anchorage tendon,

Anchorage Plates

Ermaks produces plates in desired dimensions in line with the measurements and demands in the project. Ermaks Anchorage Plates can prepared as special production according to demand and need in addition to standard holes. In addition, the plates can be made of stainless steel on request for projects that are sensitive to corroson. For protectıon of plates and threads, Regbar recommends protective hats suitable for your Project

Protective Accessories

They protective accessories to protect the threads and delivered products and to take measure against rusting. It is placed in the center of the stud and prevents the product from sliding.

Ermaks manufactures the plates in requested sizes according the measurernents and demands in the projects. Ermaks anchorage plates may be prepared in accordance with the demands and needs as a special production as well as the standard drilled holes. In addition, the plates may be manufactured from the statnless steel according to the dernands for the projects including the sensitivity to corrosion. Ermaks suggest the protective caps appropnate for your Project to protect the plates and grips.

Tensioning Anchors

Pre Tension tensioning anchors help to anchor and stretch the ropes. These are designed according to the principle of anchoring each rope individually by means of compressors. The prestressing force is transferred to concrete by a rigid anchor plate. The spirals surround too much concrete in the zone behin the anchor plate. The tensile forces in the anchor zone should be met with an additional soft reınforcement. The reinforcement is determined by considering the shape and dirnensions of the anchor plate as well as the dimensions of the end region. Stretching anchors can also be used as fixed anchors. In this case, the anchor head must remain stable during the tensioning process.