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Self Drilling Rock Bolt

The self-drilling anchor bolt device (also known as Threaded Hollow Bars) makes your job much easier at is capable of performing procedures of drilling. Anchoring and injection all at once. There is a hollow interior of the self-drilling anchor bolt, a threaded exterior and a drill bit that is used for drilling. The self-drillling anchor bolt’s hollow interior enables air and water to freely move through the drilling process. flushing the partides. After completion of the drilling process, it also enables immediate injection. For fractured o hard rock formations as well as uneven ground conditions (such as gravel, soft, clay and non-homogeneous soil ), self-drilling anchor bolts present a specific bolting solution.


Selt-drilling anchor bolts have a wide variety of fields of operation including reinforcemen of weak tunnel rock / soil conditions, tunnel stabilization, tunnel root piling. And tunnel entrances. Tunnel entrances, tunnel trenches, cut and cover areas, strengthening / stabilization of excavation routes, dams and slopes, as well as strengthening of retaining walls and noise barriers are other applications where self-drilling anchor bolts are used.

The rock bolt, which in addiation to its use in foundation piles and support piles can also be used as an avalanche safety shieldi provides extensive solutions for users.

Product Dimensions

The threaded hollow bars provide comprehensive solutions for tunneling and mining industry growth. As per the API specifications the self-drillling anchor bolts are manufoctured, wherein the hot drawn tubing is cold oiled to a round thread profile.